Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Image Copied on Shutterstock, iStock, Thinkstock, Fotolia and probably more!

My milk splash vector has been at the top of searches for 2 or 3 years, but another contributor - 'Maria Ferencova' on Shutterstock, 'VladoOndo' on iStock - has completely copied my vector gradient mesh, possibly even just downloaded mine, then distorted it and moved a few droplets around!

My original vector:

Complete rip-off: loads of variations of it.

Also has the same images on iStock, Thinkstock, Fotolia and who knows how many more, all making money on the back of MY original hard work. I am absolutely outraged that Shutterstock are allowing these to continue to be sold. They did suspend all her images temporarily, then put most back online again.

If this is the way things are heading then I can see no point bothering creating images any more only to be ripped off, taking sales of MY images away.

Interestingly there was a new law yesterday regarding copyright: I shall be pursuing this legally. Anyone have any experience of this? or any advice more than welcome!

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